Welcome to Gov-Tender e-tendering service

Gov-Tender’s FREE e-tendering service is developed for and used by government agencies to publish business opportunities online. Registered agency will have its own customised e-tendering center for public tender advertising.

With Gov-Tender FREE e-tendering service, you can save your time and cost on the traditional method, such as, expensive newspaper advertising, and you can enjoy the fast, efficient, real-time online advertising, that is simple, easy to use, and will reach suppliers in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of using Gov-Tender e-tendering service

Real-time public tender advertising

Gov-Tender’s customised e-tendering center is real-time online advertising. Once you add a new tender to your center, it can be accessed and viewed online instantly.

Customised e-tendering center

You will have a unique URL for your e-tendering center. Your administrator can log onto our e-tendering portal and customise the web pages that will be viewed and accessed by public and suppliers.
To view a sample e-tendering center, click here

Simple registration process

You don’t need to install any extra software on your computer. Your customised e-tendering center will be ready for use upon successful registration.

User friendly interface and easy to manage

To publish a tender is as easy as fill-out a web application form, simply click the ‘save’ button, then the tender is published and can be accessed publicly. You can also make changes and amend the tender details online at anytime.

Wider distribution

On top of public access, your advertisement will be automatically distributed to our registered government suppliers through our highly customised, business profile matching email notification services.

Totally FREE

No cost – Gov-Tender’s e-tendering service is FREE for both agencies and suppliers. You can save thousands of dollars, valuable time and staff resources compare to traditional advertising methods.

To register for Gov-Tender e-tendering service as a government agency, click here