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Gov-Tender - government tender notification specialist

Welcome to Gov-Tender, we provide cutting-edge government tender notification services with the lowest subscription fee in Australia. Australian government is the single biggest buyer with thousands of business opportunities advertised every year. It is a huge market for businesses of all sizes.

Combined with advanced technology, highly experienced research team, and a comprehensive/up-to-the-minute database, we deliver government tenders and business opportunities (Request for Tenders - RFT, Request for Quotations - RFQ, Expressions of Interest - EOI, and Request for Proposals - RFP) published online by all levels of government (federal, state agency, city/municipal/town, regional council, and local council) across Australia, including those government tenders and government business opportunities exclusive to Gov-Tender (advertised through our government e-tendering portal), that match your business profile to your desk on a daily basis, with our rock-bottom subscription fee ($20/year per user of a multi-user account). (More...)

Save your time and cost, find the right government tenders and government business opportunities for your company, and grow your business with Gov-Tender. Registered government suppliers will have:

  • Unlimited online search/access to our comprehensive and up-to-the-minute database of government RFTs, RFPs, RFQs, and EOIs (Demo Advanced Tender Search)
  • Daily email notification delivers new government business opportunities that match your business profile
  • (More...)

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Government Business opportunities by state:

(Select a state, all government business opportunities within that state will be listed in the table below)
Search Result: 50 matches found in ACT
13/12/2017Commercialisation Specialists Panel
13/12/2017Workstations, including related office furniture, marketing products and loose furniture
13/12/2017Update - RFI for the Establishment of a National eCertificate of Capacity (Medical Certificate) Software and/or System
13/12/2017Request for Information Land 159-Small Arms Replacement Project & Land 4108-Direct Fire Support Weapon
13/12/2017Greenhouse and Energy Audit Assurance Training
13/12/2017R8099/R8109 – Request for Tender – Managing Contractor Contract – RAAF Tindal Redevelopment and USFPI Airfield Works
13/12/2017Implementation of AASB 16
13/12/2017Transportation of Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS) vehicles
13/12/2017Provision of internal audit and advisory services

Last modified on: Tuesday, 19 December 2017